Google Consumer Surveys

Google recently released a new product aimed squarely at the Market Research industry – Consumer Surveys. As with anything Google does, they tend to bring a fresh perspective to an old problem and...

The Vaccine Debate

  Probably one of the most contentious, acrid debates going on anywhere over the last five to ten years has been on the topic of vaccine safety.  Go to any active forum that discusses children’s...

Performance Metrics

I came across an interesting article in the NY Times yesterday.  It concerned teacher ratings in schools.  I’m not that familiar with how the system works, but it looks to be based on pupil performance...
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Facebook and Privacy

As many people probably know, Facebook has been hammered recently by concerns over user information and privacy. It’s disconcerting stuff. I’ve just logged in and changed pretty much all of...

Breaking Habits

I just sat down with my wife and took her through Google docs. She wasn’t too happy about it. I tried to find some old copy of Office I could plonk on her new computer, but when that search was...

Digg Reader Survey And Our Flawed Understanding of Online Behavior

I recently took a readership survey on the Digg site and realized there were some fundamental flaws in the way we are trying to understand online behavior.  And this is by no means solely a problem at...

Research-Business Feedback Loop

I’ve been working with a client for a while to instigate a customer panel they can use to gather feedback.  When the old VP of Marketing dreamed the idea up a few years ago, it seemed like on of...
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Dashboards Revisited

I caught an interesting post over on the Juice Analytics blog regarding Dashboards. They were arguing against the common wisdom of defining a Dashboard as a ‘single page of information’. I’d...
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Customer Recency

There is a site called the KPI Library that lists Key Performance Indicators for a range of business areas. It’s a community site of sorts so the KPI suggestions largely emanate from users (as far...
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Political Prediction Markets

I came across a site called intrade on my general web surfing the other day. Intrade is a prediction market. You register for the site and can actually ‘bet’ money on the outcome of certain...
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